Iceland Landscape

We toured the southern Iceland, going from Reykjavik to Hofn. We did a few epic hikes and managed to soak in hot water every day - scouring for hot springs is a very rewarding activity!

Vatnajokull national park

Set out camp after a drive, and go for 7 hour hike the next day. The hike overlooked a massive glacier spilling from the highlands.

Diamond beach

Watch icebergs flow into the ocean


Thorsmork. Checkout the Volcano huts and hikes there. We took a 4x4 semi-amphibous bus to get there, as you need to ford a few rivers to get there. The scenery was breathtaking, and it’s a destination I would like to get back to and spend a few days there next time.

There is a very nice campsite near Seljandsfoss and this is where we hopped on the 4x4 bus inland on F249 to Thorsmork.

Hot river

Hveragerdi hot river. Be there early in the morning before crowds come


In Reykjavík, go to “meet the natives” in the Tin Can Factory. It takes ~3 hours and you get intro to culture, languages, history and cuisine. They serve good home made food!

Also go to Braud & co and try their croissants. My favorite were pretzel croissant and granola cheese croissant.